Scholarship and professional awards available for outstanding Full-time MBA candidates from diverse backgrounds
Scholarship and professional awards available for outstanding Full-time MBA candidates from diverse backgrounds

All candidates will be automatically considered and no additional application material is required. Besides, there are different financial schemes to support you to pursue your MBA ambition.

Scholarship & Professional Awards
HKUST MBA Merit Scholarship

Awarded to exceptional candidates who demonstrate outstanding work and academic achievements, along with a track record of leadership and evidence of continued leadership potential. Essays, references, and an admissions interview are important elements of the evaluation process.

Jebsen Educational Foundation MBA Scholarship (for permanent residents of mainland China & Hong Kong)

Awarded by Jebsen & Co. Ltd., the Jebsen Scholarship is available to Full-time MBA students who are permanent residents of mainland China or the HKSAR.

HKUST MBA Global Citizen Award

For candidates who have extensive global professional or academic experience.

HKUST MBA Women Award

For female candidates demonstrating a record of promoting female leadership or the potential to promote gender diversity.

HKUST MBA Business Technology and Innovation Award

For technopreneurs with at least two years of experience in technology, innovation or related areas.

Terry Tsang MBA Admissions Scholarship

Awarded by HKUST MBA alumnus Mr. Terry Tsang and HKUST alumnus Mr. Terence Tsang, the scholarship is offered to newly admitted candidates who demonstrate excellent work experience, international exposure and academic performance, also with outstanding performance in the admissions process. Read Terry Tsang Story

Albert and Teggy Chiu MBA Scholarship

Donated by the honorable doner Mr. Albert Chiu, Executive Chairman of EFG Bank for Asia Pacific Region, open to Full-time MBA applicants who demonstrate excellent academic results, professional achievement, and admissions performance. Read more





About Scholarship

Scholarships and professional awards are mutually exclusive. Students awarded more than one scholarship or award may retain only one and must forfeit the rest. Candidates do not need to indicate their interest or make separate applications for scholarships or awards. Candidates will be considered automatically and the admission committee determines scholarship and award recipients based on the overall quality of submitted applications and profiles. HKUST MBA reserves the final right of decision on the grant of scholarship and award.

Guaranteed interview
Application fee waiver

HKUST MBA Alumni Referral Scheme

An alumni referral scheme was established to attract bright minds from diverse backgrounds. Successful applicants who either invite HKUST MBA or EMBA alumni to be their referees or are returning alumni of HKUST degree programs may benefit from the scheme.


Various governmental and private organizations offer student loans to international students from different countries.

Here is a list of some selected institutions:


The Franklin Fund is open for application for HKUST Full-time MBA students.



The Business School is neither connected to nor affiliated with the above finance companies, institutions or organizations and offers no involvement or assistance in obtaining their services. International students must independently contact the companies and organizations and seek independent advice before seeking any study loan services.