One of the Most Flexible & Practical Curricula in Asia

This highly flexible MBA is thoughtfully designed to enable you to customize your study and fulfill your own career aspirations.


Our MBA curriculum is comprehensively and thoughtfully curated to foster enterprise and finance leadership. Gear up your business and managerial acumen with our multidisciplinary core courses.  Accelerate your career through gaining an edge in leading technology and ESG know-how.

This varied, dynamic course offerings will engage you in disciplines such as finance, marketing, strategy and consulting, business technology and analytics, entrepreneurship, and more. Design your own program with our diverse courses offerings to fuel your journey of achieving professional goals.

Immersive Learning

Take a gradual upskilling approach and tailor your own MBA. Throughout your MBA journey, you will gain about a quarter of your credits by studying the required core courses, while the remaining credits will come from elective courses and credit-bearing career training. 

Your MBA will begin with the three pre-MBA non-credit-bearing online accelerator courses listed below, which will equip you with a quantitative foundation for business analytics as you dive into more advanced learning.

  • Accounting
  • Data Analysis
  • Python Programming
Build Your Business Foundation - Core Courses

Our core courses are carefully designed to cover the vital aspects of general management and build your professional knowledge base. You will be introduced to the foundational techniques required to become a future business leader.

  • Information and Technology Management
    • Explore the strategic role of technology in business as a general manager, covering enabling technologies, system design and management, and technology decision-making.
  • Marketing Strategy & Policy
    • Discover how to get your innovation in front of the right eyes. Learn how to implement marketing strategies through pricing, distribution, promotion, and product decisions.
  • Strategic Management
    • Develop and implement effective corporate strategies with our Strategic Management course, covering concepts, analytical techniques, competitor analysis, and strategic evaluation.
  • Corporate Finance
    • Explore cash flow valuation, capital budgeting, and cost of capital estimation with our Corporate Finance course, including practical applications in bonds, stocks, and debt management.
  • Financial Accounting
    • Learn a fundamental skill for running any enterprise. This course will ground you with accounting fundamentals, financial statement preparation, and analysis.
  • Operations Management
    • Learn how to manage business processes that generate products or services with our course covering operations strategy, process analysis, inventory management, and quality improvement.
  • Managerial Microeconomics
    • Discover demand forecasting, cost analysis, pricing decisions, and more in our comprehensive course, featuring case studies and practical applications.
  • Responsible Leadership and Ethics
    • Develop responsible leadership skills and learn how to create ethical corporations, developing the know-how to create a decision-making framework for making ethical judgments.
  • Preparing to Lead
    • Develop managerial communication skills in organizational contexts through team-building, case work, practical application and learn from feedback.
Strengthen Your Specialization: Electives

Explore New Fields of Study: Electives (Starting from Academic Year 2024-25)
Customize your MBA by choosing from the electives relevant to your targeted career—or deepen your knowledge in existing competencies. Example courses include:

  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Their Business Applications
  • Global Macroeconomics
  • Managerial Communication
  • Applied Merge & Acquisitions for Corporates
  • Investment Analysis
  • Deep Learning Business Applications with Python
  • Management Consulting
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Effective Negotiation

and more…


 *Course offerings are subject to change