Cultivate an innovative and forward-thinking mindset
Cultivate an innovative and forward-thinking mindset
An interdisciplinary program prepares you to innovate and lead, providing new perspectives and industry exposure beyond that provided by specialized Master’s degrees. This broad-based curriculum is especially helpful for those who desire to make an impact at an enterprise level.

We have a distinct approach to cultivating leadership, developing our students’ skill sets with a blend of relevant, practical knowledge and strategic, future-focused mindsets, encapsulated in holistic courses such as Responsible Leadership and Ethics, Technology management, Managerial Communication, Strategic Management and more.

On top of the forward-thinking MBA courses that we offer at HKUST, you will be introduced to other interdisciplinary subjects which are beyond your expectation.

Innovate Your Future

With our forward-thinking MBA curriculum, you will deepen your knowledge of business from multiple angles. This will help you identify new ways to create value. You will develop a leadership style that embraces innovation, takes on international perspectives, and is devoted to making a lasting difference.  

As a research university with a strong science and technology edge, the HKUST Entrepreneurship Centre supports and provides a platform for all types of entrepreneurial activities. Join the seminars, programs, workshops and competition at Entrepreneurship Centre to develop  your skills in entrepreneurship.

Here are some sample courses*:

  • Irrational and Rational Thinking and Judgment in Management
  • Innovation and Product Management in the Age of AI
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Integrated Business Simulation & Strategy
  • Environmental, Social and Governance in China
  • Creativity and Innovation in Marketing
  • Visualizing Data for Business Decisions
  • The Art of War and Eastern Wisdom in Business Competition
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Managerial communication

*subject to offerings of each academic year and may vary by study mode


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