Cultivate creativity and innovative mindsets
Cultivate creativity and innovative mindsets
An interdisciplinary program prepares you to innovate and lead, providing with new perspectives and industry exposure beyond that provided by a conventional MBA.

A distinct approach in developing your own skill set and leadership style beyond just an MBA through unconventional and holistic MBA courses such as art appreciation and psychology.  

Explore openness and creativity, and ultimately develop your leadership charisma.
On top of the forward-thinking MBA courses that we offer at HKUST, you will be introduced to other interdisciplinary subjects which are beyond your expectation.

You will develop a leadership which is more than just all-rounded. 

Topics such as establishment and management of private museums and Buddhist art appreciation were covered during the course in the academic year of 2021. Picture: Tsz Shan Monastery. 

These courses will expand your horizon and bring in new elements to your personality and leadership.

The openness and creativity brought by the interdisciplinary course will add unprecedented elements to your personality, you will develop your leadership charisma. 

Here are some sample courses:

  • Irrational and Rational Thinking and Judgment in Management
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Games and Strategy Behavior
  • Responsible Leadership & Ethics
  • Personal Wealth Management for Working Professionals

*subject to offerings of each academic year


Immerse in the Experience

The opening of the Shaw Auditorium in November 2021 cultivates our students’ creativity and artistic quality. The Shaw Auditorium is a venue for cultural events, such as musical performances, movie shows, and wellness events. It is a great leap for the university to demonstrate the importance of holistic education.

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