To support bright minds from around the world with a wide range of expertise and experience, HKUST MBA offers different scholarships and professional awards for our applicants. Admitted candidates will be automatically considered for HKUST MBA Merit scholarship or professional awards based on their overall application quality. ​Candidates are notified of their scholarship results when they receive an offer of admission.

HKUST MBA Scholarships & Awards

Other Scholarships

*In most cases, candidates awarded two or more scholarships can only retain one and forfeit the others. In case of any dispute, HKUST MBA reserves the final right of decision.


Funding for current Full-time students


The HKUST Business School and the HKUST MBA Programs are not connected and/or affiliated with the above finance companies, financial institutions, and/or organizations and do not undertake or offer assistance in engaging their services. International students shall make enquiries to the respective companies and organizations separately and seek independent advice before engaging with any study loan services.