The full-time MBA is perfect for professionals who want to take time away from work and reshape their career by broadening their horizons and upskilling for a new direction. You will receive personalized advice on your career plans throughout your MBA journey. Experienced career coaches from various fields will provide guidance on career strategy, executing your job search, and acing your job interviews.

16-MONTH for career pivot & 12-month for advancing current career

Explore our full-time MBA program tailored to suit your career goals. Choose between a 16-month mode for those looking to pivot their careers by changing industry, role or relocation to Hong Kong, or consider a 12-month option for advancing your current career. Both paths have identical credit requirements and tuition fees, empowering you to achieve your post-MBA aspirations.

16-Month Mode

The 16-month mode is designed for students who desire international exposure or wish to expand their career opportunities through full-time summer internships.

As part of the program, you will have the opportunity to participate in an optional full-term or half-term overseas exchange at one of our partner schools worldwide, or continue your final semester in Hong Kong, with additional time for networking with our alumni, participating in student clubs, and engaging in a part-time internship to position yourself for your target role.


12-Month Mode

The 12-month mode is a great option for students who are sponsored by their companies or intend to remain within their current career field upon graduation. It also offers an excellent option for those contemplating a concurrent degree program through the Master of Advanced Management (MAM) at Yale University, further enriching their global perspectives.



The curriculum is made up of 52 credits through immersion program, core and elective courses, and credit-bearing career and professional training.

Accelerators and Immersion Program

Your MBA journey begins with a thoughtfully designed orientation program including three online accelerators and an in-person Immersion Program on our Clear Water Bay Campus.

Given the diverse backgrounds of our MBA students, the MBA accelerators are designed to provide a common knowledge foundation for all students before embarking on their studies. Students are required to attend these live online classes, which will be scheduled during weekends or weekday evenings in the Hong Kong time zone in July 2024.

Following the MBA Accelerators in July, Intake 2024 students will participate in the mandatory MBA Immersion Program, a 2-credit course that takes place in person at the HKUST Clear Water Bay Campus in early August 2024. This program offers an immersive experience that introduces students to the MBA journey while fostering opportunities for networking and teamwork. The Immersion program requires full engagement and participation throughout the week, including orientation sessions, classes, workshops, team collaborations, and networking activities.

Core & Elective Courses

Our core curriculum provides profound cross-functional leadership insights. Leverage our highly flexible elective curriculum to tailor your study plan that align with your career aspirations and interests from a wide range of elective courses. Electives constitute over 55% of your total course credits, providing abundant opportunities for tailored learning.

Credit-bearing Professional and Career Training

Our exceptional career service is designed to provide students with tailored guidance, extensive resources, and valuable networking opportunities that complement their academic study and help them prepare for the next chapter of their career. Some career activities are credit-bearing. 

With our students' resilience and clear direction, and the guidance and support of our Career and Professional Development Team, 97% of our full-time MBA graduates seeking full-time employment in the graduating years of 2020 to 2022 accepted offers of full-time employment within 3 months of graduation.

Deciding Which Study Mode is Best for You?