The MBA Mentorship Program connects alumni with newcomers to form influential partnerships beyond the classroom


Every year, we receive tremendous, selfless support for the Mentorship Program from our alumni, who share with the newcomers their MBA experiences and advice on how to navigate their own paths of professional and personal development.

Students are matched with inspirational alumni who provide firsthand industry knowledge and advice on managerial advancement. Through their interactions, mentors can also benefit from the new perspectives of their mentees


The mentor–mentee pairs are given guidelines on effective mentorship and are encouraged to meet regularly to facilitate their bonding.

Kickoff sessions are usually offered to provide the mentors and mentees with guidance on fulfilling the goals of the mentorship program.

Student Sharing -1

Mentor: Sam Dash (Class 2018), United Kingdom, Strategy and Acquisitions Manager, Bimeda AMEA

Mentee: Melanie Wallinger (Class 2020), United Kingdom, Management Consultant, BASF

I met my mentor, Sam Dash, a few months after I started my MBA, and I had a fruitful conversation with him. Sam knew that my purpose was to expand my network in a particular industry. He was kind enough to share a few connections whom I could speak to. Sam also revised my cover letter and CV so that they were more relevant to a company that I wanted to apply to.

Student Sharing - 2

Mentor: Dallas Li (Class 2006), Hong Kong, Director, Global Research and Evidence Lab

Mentee: Sebastian Ko (Class 2022), Hong Kong, Managing Director, DiscoveryLabs

At that time, I was starting up a new venture to bring overseas software-based products and services to new markets. My mentor, Dallas, and I worked in different industries, but we shared some common grounds. I appreciated his valuable time and willingness to be my mentor. I learned a lot during our call about his work and approach to qualitative and quantitative research and product validation.
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