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“When I step into the university (HKUST), it’s like I’m stepping into my home!” beamed Terry Tsang as he tugged on his shirt poised and ready to share all about his time at HKUST, home to his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Civil Engineering, as well as his MBA degree. 

Caption: Terry Tsang, HKUST undergraduate degree and MBA alumnus, donates scholarship to attract bright candidates to join the MBA program. 

Terry and his brother, Terence, are no strangers to the campus. Not just that they are alumni themselves, but they are also strong supporters of the University and the business school. Having given in generous amounts and in countless ways, the brothers have one wish: other students can gain the kinds of experiences that they had studying at the University. 

With a philanthropic mindset, Terry donated a student emergency fund of HKD 2 million to the University, and later another HKD 6 million totaling HKD 8 million to the alumni endowment fund.  

As the University celebrates its 30th anniversary, the alumni brothers Terry and Terence Tsang have pledged to donate HK$10 million to HKUST - HK$3 million will go to the MBA program, and HK$7 million will support the University’s development. 


A Ray Of Light 

Indeed, listening to Terry’s story, it’s easy to understand why. The kinship he feels towards the University was borne out of a personal tragedy. In 2004 upon graduating from his first degree, his father suddenly passed away. Consumed by grief, Terry and his brother had no idea how to carry on. Yet in the midst of his devastation, the University community came together to support him in a way that he would never forget.  

“From the professors to my classmates to my peers, they all came to help us. But the biggest surprise was when a fellow PhD student helped me pen a letter to the University to ask for assistance through the emergency grant. It really made an impact on me,” Terry recalled that the support from the University was instant. 

Caption: Terry is a returning alumnus applying for the MBA at HKUST after completing his bachelor and master’s degree from the same university. 


A Reason To Give  

Terry embarked on his MBA studies in 2011, but tragedy struck again during his journey. His mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. By this time, Terry and his brother had built a business and co-founded a mobile game developing company called Madhead, and they had the financial means to take care of their mother. His mother’s diagnosis cemented in his mind how he wanted to give back.  

“I finally found a reason to give,” he said. He hasn’t finished studying his MBA but donated to the University because he had a burning desire to help students in an emergency. “There must be other students at HKUST who were just like me who need emergency support,” he explained, “ 

This generous donation resulted in the establishment of the Student Emergency Fund, which provides financial assistance to HKUST students facing unforeseen financial emergencies that could disrupt their studies. To recognize the brothers’ contributions, the University named the atrium of the Lee Shau Kee Business Building after the brothers.  


An MBA Like No Other 

As Terry recalled the reasons why he applied for the HKUST MBA program, he said that there was no other MBA program out there that could come close to meeting his needs, “First, the HKUST MBA program was unparalleled in the city and worldwide. Second, I wanted to make more friends, not just networking. Third, I really wanted to go on exchange and this program allowed me to do so.”  

Despite having to care for his ailing mother, having a young family, and growing a successful business, Terry managed to achieve all the above-mentioned needs in the MBA program, including an exchange experience overseas. Its richness left a lifelong impression on him.  

“The study experience and exchange opportunities are irreplaceable,” he said. He recalled a study tour through the San Francisco Bay Area having the opportunity to visit tech giants. He also fondly recounted his experiences to South Africa visiting Johannesburg and Cape Town calling them “experiences that you could never achieve on your own”. 


Caption: Fond memories during Terry’s MBA study (middle in the back row), he made life-long friendship with his batch mates and exchange students. 


Honing Future Leaders 

The alumnus has another wish: he can help contribute to a pipeline of future leaders who want to do good in the world, much in line with one of the five pillars of the HKUST MBA program which is to train leaders to make responsible and ethical business decisions.  

“I have a personal motto in my life: Don’t be evil,” he explained, “no matter what the circumstance or situation is, you must stick to your principles. We talked about business ethics in class. You must know your value and understand consequences.” 

It becomes evident that this generous giver isn’t after fame or glory, but simply wants to give back to a place where he calls home, a community that upheld him through the good times and bad.  

‘Calling bright candidates to join HKUST MBA’ 


Terry Tsang MBA Admissions Scholarship 

The scholarship, awarded by HKUST MBA alumnus Mr. Terry Tsang, is offered to admitted candidates who demonstrate strengths in their background, exposure and admissions performance. Preference will be given to graduates of HKUST undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. 


The HKUST MBA Community Succession Scheme 

The scheme is developed for returning HKUST graduates or those referred by an HKUST MBA or EMBA alumnus. Students under this scheme can enjoy application fee waiver, guaranteed admissions interview, and tuition fee reduction upon successful admissions. The scheme is a way for alumni to give back to its alma mater.  


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