The Part-time Weekly mode is designed to cater to the needs of working professionals who would like to take core courses on Saturdays once a week. Elective courses are available on weekends and weekdays, including HKUST downtown classrooms.

The Part-time Bi-Weekly mode is designed for working professionals who prefer to study every other weekend on Saturday and Sunday. This is especially well suited for candidates who live outside of Hong Kong or candidates who prefer to consolidate their learning in concentrated sessions.

Both modes offer the same high-quality education and resources, ensuring that professionals can pursue their MBA while maintaining their professionals growth.


Program Commencement Date
Program Duration


HKUST MBA (Weekly & Bi-Weekly) program is a part-time program for working professionals seeking career advancement. It offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to pursue an MBA while maintaining work commitments.

Study with a diverse group of MBA students, taking core classes with your cohort and electives with full-time and exchange students from leading global business schools.

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Admissions RequirementS

  • A minimum of 3 years' full-time work experience
  • A Satisfactory GMAT/GRE score
    • Part-time MBA applicants with more than 7 years of full-time work experience are eligible to apply for a GMAT waiver, which is subject to approval
  • CV, submit two essays, provide two references, and an admission interview. 
  • Good TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo English Test (DET) results are required if English was not the medium of instruction in your undergraduate/postgraduate program.
  • Ability to contribute to the MBA community during and after the MBA program
Application Deadline
Mar 13, 2024 (Thu)
May 16, 2024 (Thu)
Scarlett Rong (Intake 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)

HKUST is famous for technology. I knew the program would enhance my knowledge in data analysis, AI, machine learning, and so on, which is the future for me. My career developed quite smoothly and well, so I decided to balance work and study at the same time. That's why I chose a part-time MBA. In Hong Kong, the IT field is mainly dominated by men, so I would like to try to include more women in the field. Women have an interesting viewpoint and they know how to make things happen. 

Scarlett Rong (Intake 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)
Pre-MBA: Business Development Director at Tencent
Steven Margitan (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)

I took on an MBA because I was really excited about being in Hong Kong which isn’t maybe the normal route that people take to an MBA, but we anticipate living here in Hong Kong long term and as a way to develop my community within the city, builds the sense of belonging here. I thought studying locally would be a great way to do that. It was also about how I can help my career or what would be the interesting opportunity to learn. So, an MBA certainly helped me think about what I want out of my career and build skills that are directly relevant to my work. 

Steven Margitan (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)
Pre-MBA: Associate at BlackRock
Catherine Chow (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)

I would always recommend people to take on a course and MBA Program because you would learn something, and you can always get a nice certification on your CV. But then I think taking an MBA at HKUST is something different and I think the school has tried very hard to deliver a program that would really help us in professional knowledge, skills, and competency. So, if you are not ready to pay an effort to learn all of these, then yes, I agree you can go to any other school. But if you are really trying to learn something and equip yourself to be a great leader, I do recommend signing up for the course today. 

Catherine Chow (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)
Post-MBA: Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition & Engagement APAC at Tory Burch
Mimi Chen (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Bi-Weekly Mode)

Embarking on a transformative journey, I sought an MBA program that would provide more than just the traditional business acumen. I wanted an immersion in a dynamic environment attuned to the evolving nuances of the global economy. HKUST, uniquely positioned at the nexus of the burgeoning East and the seasoned West, emerged as my top choice. Its diverse student body, forward-thinking curriculum, and esteemed reputation have immensely enriched my personal growth. Through HKUST's unique global resources, I had the privilege of a semester exchange at the London Business School, and further broadened my horizons by pursuing another master’s degree at Yale University. 

Mimi Chen (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Bi-Weekly Mode)
Post-MBA: Financial Director & ERM Director at Chongqing Global eCommerce Group 
Sebastian Ko (Class of 2020), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)

That board meeting in New York with my senior executives (many of them MBA-holders from top schools) finally convinced me to get an MBA myself. At the time, I felt lost with the lingo in the room and floundered with questions about the forecasts. It was annual budgeting season, and I had recently been promoted as a regional leader. Those spreadsheets might as well have been written in Sanskrit to me!  

I chose to pursue my MBA at HKUST because of its reputation for global excellence in business education. HKUST offered a flexible part-time program that allowed me to study without putting my career on hold. Attending HKUST gave me the confidence to navigate financial matters and take my career to the next level. 

Sebastian Ko (Class of 2020), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)
Post-MBA: Founder of A.I. Vermont Limited
Natalie Cheung (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)

The HKUST MBA program captivated me with its comprehensive array of business disciplines, which include strategies, venture capital, and technology entrepreneurship. The MBA has provided me with opportunities to engage with accomplished business professionals and a diverse alumni network. Additionally, I participated in the MBA mentorship program and undertook one of the most challenging courses aimed at enhancing professional skills. These experiences have enabled me to strive for business excellence, fostering a strong strategic mindset that will continue to benefit me throughout my career.

Natalie Cheung (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)
Post-MBA: Chief Operating Officer at Tocanan
Ishtiak Hasan (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)

I have always heard that an MBA is about networking, making connections, and developing leadership skills. After nearly a decade of working, I felt the urge to expand my network and enhance my leadership skills, making the decision to pursue an MBA became an easy choice. But little did I know that networking was just a cherry on top. HKUST's MBA program offers much more than that. Even though the journey isn't easy, the rewards are well worth the effort. HKUST offers a vast array of courses that allow you to learn from different concentrations, one of the best alumni networks in Asia and beyond, and a cohort that teaches you valuable lessons beyond the confines of the classroom. At times, you may start to think Coldplay’s "A Sky Full of Stars" was written specifically for your classmates! 

Ishtiak Hasan (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)
Post-MBA: Operations Manager at EXIM Finance (Hong Kong) Limited
Yuxuan Wang (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Bi-Weekly Mode)

I am an ACCA member with over 10 years of experience in accounting, particularly in the financial industry. Currently, I work in the middle office of the asset management division. My motivation for joining the HKUST MBA program is to establish a solid knowledge framework and stay up-to-date with the latest business trends and cutting-edge technologies. The HKUST MBA program offers a robust curriculum with a wide range of elective courses that cover various business topics. This flexibility allows me to customize my MBA experience to align with my career goals. Furthermore, many of the courses have a FinTech focus, providing advanced instruction on blockchain, cryptocurrency, AI, and financial innovation. Another valuable aspect of this program is its strong alumni network. HKUST MBA alumni are part of a highly respected and influential community of business leaders and entrepreneurs, offering connections across industries and regions.

Yuxuan Wang (Class of 2022), Part-time MBA (Bi-Weekly Mode)
Post-MBA: Assistant Vice President at ICBCI
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