Academic Background

Anna Woo, Head of Career Services and Corporate Relations

Anna Woo

HKUST Business School is more than a collection of courses; it's where dreams take shape and students become the professionals they aspire to be. Believing in education goes beyond the classroom, our Career and Professional Development (CPD) service provides a solid platform for MBA students to enhance their learning outcomes. In this exclusive conversation, Anna Woo, the Head of Career Services and Corporate Relations, shares her insights into the core values and beliefs underpinning our career services and we delve into the remarkable success story of one alumnus.

“We embrace a growth mindset with our full-time MBA students and firmly believe in their capabilities and potential,” Anna asserts. “Not only do we equip them with the essential skills, industry knowledge and network for success, we are dedicated to fostering self-awareness, infusing resilience in our students and celebrating their achievements for long-term accomplishments.”

Bridging Theory and Practice

Photo caption: Career services orientation for new cohort of MBA students 

The comprehensive spectrum of MBA-centered career services at CPD for full-time MBA program is anchored by three pillars. These have all been meticulously designed to bolster students' knowledge, expand their professional networks, and enhance their employability. Recognizing the uniqueness of each student, CPD coaches and advisors offer personalized 1-on-1 career advisory services, guiding students from self-discovery prior to program commencement, through the formulation of tailored job search strategies, to continuous support throughout the recruitment process.

To ensure our students stay on top of the latest industry trends, CPD fosters connections with diverse business networks, including industry professionals and alumni, on a weekly basis. These engagements span various formats, from expansive industry sharing sessions to intimate coffee chats. These interactions provide invaluable insights, cultivate a professional network, and foster impactful, candid two-way exchanges, ultimately helping students chart a course toward a prosperous career.

The experiential learning approach at CPD complements classroom education, offering students real-world exposure, fostering essential professional skills, and nurturing valuable industry networks during their full-time study. It transcends conventional training workshops by engaging students in real responsibilities, including consulting projects for actual clients, volunteer opportunities at prominent summits and forums such as FinTech Week and Rethink HK Expo, as well as part-time or full-time internships in their chosen paths. Through these immersive experiences, our students acquire practical skills and build networks within organizational and industry contexts.

A Partnership for Student Success

Photo caption: Student welcoming lunch on program orientation day

As mentors, advisors, and partners throughout their career journey, the CPD team at HKUST MBA collaborates with students from diverse backgrounds to achieve their professional aspirations.

As Anna proudly reflects: "It's a purposeful journey to witness our students achieve remarkable professional growth through the personalized support and guidance we provide, both within and beyond the full-time MBA program. One notable success story features an Indian full-time MBA student with a specialization in project management within the high-tech manufacturing industry before enrolling in our MBA program. He successfully transitioned to a role with a Fortune 200 company in an entirely new industry."

Anna further emphasizes the value of collaboration, stating: "We worked closely with him, built a trusted partnership, and tailored our support to maximize his job search effectiveness. He thrived in his career after graduating from the full-time program, leveraging the knowledge, expertise, and resilience gained at HKUST, achieving a remarkable promotion within a mere 10 months. We take immense pride in his accomplishments."

When asked about her advice for prospective MBA students preparing for their career journey, Anna emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and clear career objectives. "Leverage the resources available to you, and be prepared to stretch your limits, as our program is rigorous. Additionally, open communication with your employer about your personal goals may help opening doors to role transitions post-MBA that better aligns with your career objectives.”

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