Academic Background

Gail Cocuaco, Digital MBA, Intake 2023

Study Mode
DiMBA (Online)
Student Nationality
Headshot of Gail DiMBA Intake 2023 Student

Gail Cocuaco (DiMBA Intake 2023) is a finance professional from the Philippines, with over eight years of experience in the equity markets, spanning both research and sales roles. She has pursued further education to facilitate a career pivot and to foster continuous growth. Recently, Gail transitioned into a new role as a relationship manager in private banking. 

Why HKUST Digital MBA Program 

The combination of Gail's prior experience and her current professional goals made finding the right program a critical consideration. She sought an educational opportunity that could complement her transition into private banking while broadening her global perspective - a balance essential for her continued growth and success. 

Pursuing an MBA with the HKUST Digital program was therefore an ideal choice, as it enabled her to "acquire essential business skills without geographical limitations". 

The Digital MBA program also offers flexibility, allowing her to balance a new career, a new degree and the pursuit of qualifying exams simultaneously. 

Charting A Customized MBA Journey 

A key strength of the Digital MBA program is its customizability. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all curriculum, the program allows students to craft a personalized course of study. Gail can leverage the program's rich elective options to select classes that directly address the specific areas she hopes to explore and the skills she aims to develop. This might include courses in managerial communication, effective negotiation and behavioral economics, enabling her to build a portfolio of knowledge and competencies that align with her unique goals. 

This level of customization is particularly valuable in today's turbulent business landscape. By having the flexibility to chart her own academic path, Gail can ensure the program provides her with a holistic, versatile skill set needed to tackle complex, multifaceted challenges. This personalization empowers students to take an active role in shaping their educational journey.   

Connecting with the HKUST Community 

Despite being an online program, the HKUST Digital MBA places a strong emphasis on in-person interaction and relationship-building. Immersion Week is a crucial component for our students. For Gail, Immersion Week was a blend of fun, challenges and learning. Beyond getting to know her fellow Digital MBA classmates, she relished the opportunity to meet in-person with her professors, alumni, and students from the full-time and part-time tracks.  

At HKUST, we take great pride in nurturing a strong and close-knit alumni community. With over 6,300 MBA graduates from more than 70 nationalities, the connections and collaborations forged during the program continue to thrive long after graduation. Together, we create an ecosystem that fosters growth, collaboration, and lasting relationships for all our students. 


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