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Samantha Xie, Intake 2023, Part-time (Bi-Weekly Mode) MBA

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Part-time MBA (Bi-weekly Mode)
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Samantha Xie

Introducing Samantha Xie, from our Part-time MBA (Bi-Weekly Mode) program Intake 2023.  

Samantha has over 15-years of experience in the FMCG industry, navigating through the complexities of consumer markets, and leading brands to reach consumers across Mainland China.  

Her journey toward personal and professional growth found herself reflecting upon a pivotal question: Why would an established leader in the FMCG industry, working as the General Manager of Market and Sales at Procter & Gamble, want to pursue an MBA? For Samantha, this was not about seeking change, but about deepening growth. It was this question for personal and professional which led her HKUST. 


In pursuit of a significant breakthrough in her career, Samantha was drawn an environment that strives for more than just academic excellence - “I yearned for a platform that could endow me with a truly global perspective.” 

After extensive research, Samantha unveiled HKUST Business School stood out as “not just an institution, but as a beacon of the values I’ve upheld – leadership, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to growth.” 

With HKUST in her sights for the next chapter of her endeavors, “what distinguished HKUST in my eyes was not merely its esteemed reputation on the global stage; it was the university's visionary promise of a transformative educational journey. It offered a unique blend of rigorous academic training and a holistic global perspective, within an ecosystem that nurtures innovation at every turn. The opportunity to immerse myself in this environment—to be part of a community that not only anticipates the future of business but actively shapes it—was the decisive factor in my choice. Clearly, HKUST wasn't just about acquiring a degree; it was about embarking on a journey of personal and professional metamorphosis, guided by the principles of leadership, innovation, and growth that I hold dear.” 


Samantha categorized her transformative journey into three categories: Academic and practical learning, extracurricular opportunities, and networking and community. 

Academic and Practical Learning 

“Each class at HKUST was a step towards redefining my understanding of business. Courses in strategic management, finance, and AI were not just lessons; they were gateways to viewing my work through a new lens. I recall a project where we simulated a market launch in an emerging economy, blending theory with the harsh realities of international business. It was exhilarating to apply classroom knowledge to such real-world challenges.” 

The HKUST curriculum evolves annually to align with the latest business trends, student interests, and feedback, which is tailored to achieve your career goals and is delivered by world-class faculty. Our comprehensive program integrates cutting-edge technology and expertise in ESG, AI, and blockchain to propel your career forward. 

“I was particularly drawn to courses that offered a fresh perspective, introducing complex concepts with a twist that pushed my understanding beyond the realms of the familiar. One such memorable instance involved delving into a case study centered around the organizational management of global companies yet set against the backdrop of a completely unfamiliar IT revolution. This case study wasn't just an academic exercise; it was a deep dive into the intricacies of how technology reshapes business landscapes.” 

Samantha found this experience enlightening, which encouraged her to think critically about the role of leadership in navigating these changes, highlighting the need for leaders who are not only technologically adept but also flexible and innovative in their approach. “This lesson went beyond academic learning, offering a real-world insight into the dynamic interplay between technology and business, and preparing me for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the digital era.” 

Extracurricular Opportunities 

“HKUST's vibrant campus life unfolded opportunities that far exceeded my expectations, immersing me in experiences that were both enriching and eye-opening.” 

Samantha recalls an unforgettable experience with an ESG forum. The forum delved into the intricacies of sustainable business practices, challenging participants to rethink traditional business models in favor of more sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible practices. “This experience broadened my perspective, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in the business landscape and the potential for businesses to drive positive environmental and social impact.”  

"Immersing myself in these discussions not only expanded my knowledge but also inspired a deeper commitment to integrating innovation and sustainability into my professional ethos.” 

Networking and Community 

At HKUST's MBA program, we take immense pride in our strong and close-knit community, which continues to grow. With over 6,300 accomplished MBA individuals from more than 70 nationalities across 60 countries, our diverse network is truly special. 

HKUST’s vibrant and diverse community truly resonated with Samantha. An enriching experience Samantha highlighted was from an alumni meet-up. “I found myself engrossed in conversation with a fellow alumnus, our dialogue weaving through various topics, from industry trends to personal aspirations. It was this serendipitous exchange that sparked an idea, leading to a groundbreaking project collaboration that neither of us had foreseen. This collaboration not only pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible but also highlighted the innovative spirit that HKUST instills in its students and alumni.” 

Samantha expresses her heartfelt feelings by providing a lifelong contribution to the MBA community. “The diversity and openness of the HKUST network have profoundly enriched my professional life and personal growth. It's a community where diverse voices are not just heard but valued, leading to unexpected opportunities and collaborations. This environment fosters professional networking and personal connections that endure beyond campus. My interactions with alumni and peers have opened new avenues for learning, challenged my perspectives, and inspired me to think more broadly about my role in the business world and society at large.” 

Samantha concludes that her MBA journey at HKUST has been an extraordinary voyage of discovery, learning, and growth. “The program has equipped me with the tools and insights to lead with vision and purpose in the ever-evolving business landscape.” 

“As I move forward in my career, I carry with me the values of leadership, innovation, and growth imbued by HKUST, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”