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Pimolpat (Pauline) Thanusutiyabhorn, Class of 2020

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Full-time MBA
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Pimolpat (Pauline) Thanusutiyabhorn


Pimolpat (Pauline) Thanusutiyabhorn (Thailand)
Class of 2020
Pre-MBA: Head of Business Development and Marketing, Thai B.B. Friut Co., Ltd 
Post-MBA: Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder, Selfie Enterprise

"Milton Berle said “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

This is exactly what happened to me during the exchange program at Kellogg in the Fall semester 2019 before the pandemic happened.

HKUST MBA exchange program is a great opportunity for us to see the world. It’s a chance for us to meet new people, to be in a new environment, and to see things with fresh perspective. But in reality, the value I have gained is much more than I thought. For me, it’s a life-changing experience.

Firstly, it allowed me to be on another side of the world to gain new knowledge with a different flavor. There are many interesting options in Kellogg. My favorite class was Leading and Launching Startup by Prof. Carter Cast. The class taught us how to start a startup from proving your idea, setting company vision, raising funds to managing the business. The class was very well-structured and I have gained a lot of knowledge and tools that could be applied in real life.

Pauline, HKUST MBA Full-time student, in front of Northwestern University (Kellogg)

Secondly, it extended my connection beyond HKUST MBA. Exchange program is a great opportunity for us to get out of our comfort zone. It is the best opportunity to expand our network with other MBA students from all over the world from other exchange schools. At Kellogg, we are invited to attend the 'TG events' - school networking events that happen every Friday at the Global Hub with free snacks and drinks! I met a lot of interesting people from around the world and from different industries.

Inside the Kellogg business school building - The Global Hub

Not only my exchange was a great learning experience, it also provided lots of opportunities for cultural exchange, networking, traveling, and good food! Here are some quick tips that I would like to share with everyone if you are considering an exchange during you MBA:

Seize the Moment

Choose the Classes that Suit You

Don’t be afraid to talk to people, opportunity is everywhere

Lastly, it provides me a life-time opportunity to launch my startup business. One of the amazing things that happened during my exchange program was meeting my two co-founders from INSEAD. We got connected through a coffee chat. Unexpectedly, after we exchanged our ideas for several times, we agreed to co-found a new business. Key learning point for me here is be open and get to know new people, you never know what opportunity awaits you.

Pauline's co-founders she met at Kellogg from INSEAD business school, carving the pumpkins for Halloween

In summary, HKUST exchange program at Kellogg has provided a great opportunity for us to pursue our dream. It’s a big chance to explore the world and to gain different experiences. It’s one of the best moments in my life. My key takeaways are not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and be prepared for a memorable moment.

Pauline hosting lunch with other exchange students from around the world

Kellogg Care Day (KCD), the day we had a chance to give back to the community