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Naveen Jesly Fernandez, Part-time (Weekly) MBA, Class of 2023

Study Mode
Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)
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Naveen Jesly Fernandez
Investing in Growth and Future: A Mindset for Lifelong Learning 

Hailing from a data analytics background, Naveen relocated to Hong Kong from India in 2018 to build and lead a team on consulting projects with Deloitte China. Since then, he has called this city home. Fueled by a lifelong ambition for self-improvement and a desire to make a positive impact, Naveen saw pursuing an MBA as a strategic investment. 

“The greatest investment you can make is in your education and self-development. When tasked with greater responsibilities back then, I felt a strong need to acquire skills, knowledge, perspectives, and connections that would complement and accelerate my career. HKUST’s close ties to industry, the vast variety of electives and exchange opportunities offered by the HKUST MBA program, its extensive alumni network, and the flexibility of the Part-time Weekly mode were all factors that drew me to the program,” said Naveen. 

How does Naveen balance his achievements, communication and priorities? 

“I proactively articulated how my employer would benefit from the learnings I’d gain from the MBA program and the return on this investment. I was also transparent about trade-offs and boundaries while maintaining flexibility to avoid overcommitment. Regular catch-up sessions and sharing calendars are great ways to keep management and your team updated and secure their support throughout your MBA journey,” shared Naveen. 

Seizing the Exchange Opportunity as a Part-time Student 

Seeking to refresh his perspective after a decade in the workforce, Naveen leveraged HKUST MBA’s extensive exchange partner network to pursue an exchange with IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. This allowed him to sharpen his skills in sustainability strategy and emerging economics. To make this once-in-a-lifetime experience possible, Naveen strategically used his sabbatical and annual leave to take time away from the office during the non-peak season. He meticulously planned the transition and delegated responsibilities to his team.

“During my exchange at IESE Business School, I actively participated in several MBA Clubs and conferences. This allowed me to build an international network and appreciate cultural diversity and different perspectives. These skills are particularly valuable for future collaboration with others in a global business environment,” said Naveen. 

 During his exchange in Spain, Naveen organized an alumni mixer and hosted full-time MBA students representing HKUST at the Roland Berger Case Competition. 


Naveen expanding his network and celebrating cultural diversity during his exchange at IESE Business School in Spain. (Left: Farewell dinner with fellow exchange students. Right: Multi-Culti Fest) 

Doors of Opportunity: Becoming a Change Catalyst  

The HKUST MBA program is your springboard to achieve exactly that. Embrace a period of intense personal and professional growth as you gain a broader perspective, hone your leadership skills, and build a lifelong network of ambitious peers and world-class faculty. Imagine yourself confidently leading diverse teams, making strategic decisions, and inspiring those around you. Take the first step towards becoming a change catalyst.