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Mark Zuo, Intake 2023, Part-time (Bi-Weekly Mode) MBA

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Part-time MBA (Bi-weekly Mode)
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Mark Zuo

Introducing Mark Zuo, from our Part-time MBA (Bi-Weekly Mode) program Intake 2023.  

Mark began working in the function of Corporate Strategy at Shopee. Throughout his career at Shopee, he has remarkably incubated several cross-border payment and related services/products for all Shopee Cross-Border sellers, accumulating rich experience in the cross-border payment sector. This was followed by Mark embarking on a new challenge, an internal relocation, to lead the Cross-Border Payment Team as Team Lead. 

Now, with over 7 years of full-time work experience and currently working as the Head of Cross-Border Payment at Shopee, Mark felt that pursuing an MBA was a natural progression in his career.  

Mark also brings a wealth of experience in Consulting, Venture Capital, and Startups which prominently covers the Fintech and Consumer Goods sector.  

“After 7 years of full-time work experience, I think it’s the right time for me to enhance myself by absorbing various industry practices and diversified business insights from both professors and classmates in HKUST MBA program and take the precious chance to develop the habit of lifelong learning.” 


Early in Mark’s career, his direct reporting manager was a HKUST Full-time MBA Alumni. His manager shared with him that the HKUST MBA is a world-class MBA program with the best professors, students, and alumni and Asia, how he benefited from the program, and that he strongly recommended Mark to apply to the HKUST MBA program to strengthen his skillset later in the career stage. This “planted a seed in my heart at that time”. 


With commitment and contribution to the cohort and MBA community being one of the key elements that the HKUST MBA program look for during the application process, and to some degree, Mark resonated with this with him believing that he “was born to be a HKUSTer because I am that kind of person – being selfless to others and being firm with myself”.  

From the get-go, Mark gained insights into the HKUST MBA program first-hand from his former reporting manager, along with being passionate about business innovation and having the eagerness to explore the unlimited possibilities to push himself to continuously achieve excellence. By conducting extensive research into the HKUST MBA program, he discovered how his career goals aligned with the HKUST MBA being globally recognized for being at the forefront of technology and enterprise innovation in Asia, setting new standards of excellence in management education and make a lasting difference in the business world, and the unwavering commitment to our mission and core values: Developing Leaders in Asia for the World. 

“I believe the program can further broaden my view about business and provide solid support for me to pursue future career success.” 


“Embrace change, be open to new ideas, and continually upgrade personal skillset to stay relevant and competitive.” 

Mark states that cross-border payment plays a crucial role in facilitating cross-border e-Commerce business, which has witnessed explosive growth in the past few years. As the key tool for cross-border business, it provides cross-border sellers worldwide with effective access to receive money from selling goods to overseas consumers, and the market size is expected to grow rapidly going forward. Pursuing a career in cross-border payment can be challenging but rewarding. 

Mark's advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in cross-border payment is to stay updated with the latest technology and regulations, be adaptable, and open-minded because the industry is evolving rapidly.