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Vincent Chan, Full-time MBA Intake 2023, Class Representative and Finance Club Co-President 

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Full-time MBA
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Vincent Chan

Get an insider's perspective on the HKUST MBA Program as Vincent Chan, Class Representative and Finance Club Co-President from our Full-time MBA program Intake 2023, who shares his insights and aspirations.

Upon completing his Undergraduate in the United States, Vincent wanted to commit his future in Hong Kong. Through the HKUST MBA program, he aims to strengthen his local network and skillset and ultimately land a job in a more senior role in the consulting or finance industry.


Vincent connected with HKUST MBA through coffee chats with Prof. Stephen Shih, the Associate Dean of MBA Programs at HKUST. During their conversation, Prof. Shih highlighted the distinctive features of the HKUST MBA program, particularly the 'Immersion Program'. This program provides a comprehensive range of opportunities, including career and leadership training workshops, sessions focused on Python Programming and Data Analysis, as well as the option to participate in full-term overseas exchange programs. As a result of this enlightening discussion, Vincent reaffirmed his decision to pursue an MBA at HKUST Business School.

Vincent's research played a crucial role in his decision-making process, as he uncovered that HKUST is the leading Business School in Hong Kong, surpassing his alternative options in Singapore. This realization led Vincent to emphasize the abundant resources available in Hong Kong and its position as the gateway to China. He firmly concluded that Hong Kong is the desired location for his ambitions, believing it to be the most promising place to be for the foreseeable future, spanning the next two decades.


"I chose HKUST because HKUST is simply the best MBA school in Hong Kong."

At HKUST’s MBA program, we embrace those dreams and enhance your abilities to turn your aspirations into extraordinary realities. With renowned faculty, cutting-edge resources, and a vibrant community, we ignite the path to success and shape the next generation of global business trailblazers.

We were pleased to hear that the HKUST MBA program aligns with Vincent’s goals.

“Simply put, HKUST offers the best network and the latest technology curriculum, especially with Artificial Intelligence (AI). HKUST offers rigorous programs and sessions on Python Programming and business applications related to AI, contributing to unique qualities that other programs in Hong Kong don’t offer.” 


Vincent hopes to do his best in class, actively engage with fellow classmates and alumni to expand his network, and ultimately secure a more senior position in the consulting or finance industry, ideally in a ‘bulge bracket’ firm, upon completing the MBA program.

“HKUST provides me with a large network and platform to grow my connections, and broaden and strengthen my hard skillset, which I really enjoy in my journey currently.”