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Adarsh Kamilla, Class of 2022, Full-time MBA

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Full-time MBA
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Adarsh Kamilla

Adarsh's journey is an illustration of the transformative potential of the HKUST MBA program for forward-thinking pioneers. It’s a place where aspirations find their match in opportunities, all underpinned by a robust curriculum, dedicated resources, and an influential corporate network.

Graduated from a top-notch engineering college, Adarsh developed interest in business strategy and steering operations after working in engineering project management for a few years. “My pre-MBA experiences intrigued my interest in business dynamics. I was craving for a more diverse environment while staying connected to Asia. The top global reputation of the program, and insights from conversation with our alumni and at admission events, had solidified my aspiration for pursuing an MBA at HKUST,” said Adarsh.

Fueling Ambition with the Right Tools

The Full-time MBA Program catalysed Adarsh’s career ambition with its world-class faculty and cutting-edge resources. “The professors played a crucial role in the exceptional quality of teaching and business insights I gained from HKUST, helping me build strong foundations in ambient knowledge like accounting, finance, negotiation, to set my foot in a new industry,” Adarsh underscored.

Adarsh established a strong partnership with the program’s dedicated Career and Professional Development Team soon after he recognized his business career passion lay in  executional & operational roles. Adarsh found their tailor-made career advice, mentorship, professional seminars and the in-demand curriculum particularly useful in career pivoting, “As an engineer it was quite overwhelming at first to look at complicated excels. The financial modelling sessions had enabled me to assess the health and performance of a business. Now as a Supply Chain Manager, I continuously leverage the Agile and Scrum methodologies acquired from the CPD trainings into the digitalization projects I lead today. And whenever I need inspiration in channelling complexities into productive partnerships, I refer to the case book from Prof. Larry Franklin’s lessons.”

Dedicated Partnership Brings Opportunities

With a newfound confidence in his business acumen and transferable skills, Adarsh actively sought opportunities in supply chain management in the program. Boasting long-standing, strong partnerships with leading employers across various industries, our CPD team identify a perfect fit – BASF, a leading chemical manufacturer, was actively seeking engineers with MBA backgrounds, and promptly connected Adarsh with the exciting opportunity.

From coaching and mock interview sessions, to nailing a post-interview follow-up, Adarsh gained constructive feedback from the CPD team to continuously improve and work closer to his goal. “The CPD team provided highly personalized support along the whole process, leveraging their strong connections with employers and hiring managers to empower me confidently navigate through the job search process,” acknowledged Adarsh.

An Enduring Mindset Focused on Growth

The HKUST MBA impact on Adarsh extended beyond the 16-month program length.  The diverse program environment ignited a “growth-driven mindset” that fuels his daily triumphs, “Everyday I’m getting a new challenge – execution hurdles,  complex stakeholder management, driving critical cost saving initiatives, and more. The cultural diversity and vast opportunity to collaborate in the MBA program forged my adaptability and flexibility for embracing challenges and navigating through team dynamics. Coming from an engineering background, the rigorous learning across different business disciplines made me step out of my comfort zone and become a continuous learner,” said Adarsh.


Adarsh networking and exploring the city with his international MBA classmates

Ten months into his journey at BASF, Adarsh was promoted to Supply Chain Manager. While his supervisors were impressed by his natural-connector acumen and embrace of stretch assignments, Adarsh acknowledged the support from his BASF supervisors as a key factor in his steep growth, “The openness and support I received from my supervisors, Dennis and Helen, were pivotal in terms of shaping my first two years in BASF, particularly in acknowledging my challenges and offering guidance that accelerated my learning curve.”

A fond farewell to the BASF Old Office at Jardine House

Adarsh recognized for “Going Above and Beyond” at the BASF summer event

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