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Ron Ruigrok, Digital MBA, Intake 2023

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DiMBA (Online)
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Having spent over a decade working in Hong Kong, Ron Ruigrok (DiMBA Intake 2023) has achieved a remarkable tenure in the industry, including his current role as the Director of E-commerce and Operations at The Repeat Group. He remains committed to pursuing an MBA program as the optimal choice to elevate his career to new heights. 

Choosing HKUST's Digital MBA as Part of His MBA Journey 

As the first leading Asian digital MBA program (DiMBA), we understand the aspirations of busy senior professionals like Ron. They seek a world-class education that can be seamlessly integrated into their demanding schedules, allowing them to continue making a lasting impact in their workplace. Ron, driven by his desire to enhance his knowledge and skillsets, has recognized the importance of pursuing an MBA to become a more effective leader and broaden his capabilities. By embarking on this program, Ron is poised to elevate his career to new heights while making a significant and meaningful contribution to his organization. 

Ron shared his perspective, stating, "Opting for HKUST's Digital MBA program was an easy decision for me, thanks to its esteemed reputation, diverse class profile, and extensive alumni network." The key factor that solidified his choice was the flexibility provided by the DiMBA program, allowing him to attend both physical classes on campus and online courses, effectively managing his personal life and work commitments. 

Within the HKUST Digital MBA program, Ron can easily juggle his professional and personal responsibilities while pursuing his MBA, enhancing his executive effectiveness. 

Cultivating Growth Through Diverse Perspectives 

With a cohort composed of 11 different nationalities and representing 10 diverse countries, the DiMBA Intake 2023 witnessed the convergence of physically distanced students from around the globe during Immersion Week.  

Within this vibrant setting, Ron found himself forming lifelong and deeply meaningful friendships. Reflecting on his experience, he expressed, "The opportunity to connect with a community of accomplished professionals from various industries and countries has been truly transformative. The richness of diverse opinions and thoughts fuels my academic and professional growth in ways that I could have never imagined." 

Embracing the Journey: This is Only the Beginning 

As Ron embarks on this transformative journey, he eagerly anticipates propelling his career to the next level, armed with the essential skills to thrive in the evolving digital landscape. The HKUST MBA program empowers him to achieve his goals and unlocks new opportunities for success.