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Cherry Liu, Intake 2023, Part-time (Weekly Mode) MBA

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Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode)
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Cherry Liu

“Little did I know that a chance of encountering a HKUST MBA advertisement of an upcoming seminar on social media would lead me to a transformative MBA journey at HKUST. I'm thrilled to be part of this vibrant community and look forward to the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.” 

Meet Cherry Liu, from our Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode) program intake 2023.  

Cherry began her career journey in banking as a management trainee, gradually advancing to Investment Manager. Throughout her career, Cherry has worked in retail banking and startups, honing her expertise in managing investment portfolios, particularly within the insurance sector. 

With a fearless mindset and ambition with her career, Cherry successfully co-founded a local startup, and is seeking new challenges ahead. Building upon previous experiences, Cherry currently holds the position of Senior Vice President in the Family Office Team at Invest Hong Kong, where she specializes in thought leadership, marketing, and public relations.  


As part of Cherry’s daily work regiment of conducting market research across social media and exploring intriguing content and advertising formats, discovering HKUST was unexpected and a coincidental journey for her. “One day, while scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon an HKUST advertisement about an upcoming seminar on their MBA program. It caught my attention, and I thought, Why not? This seems interesting!'” 

Out of curiosity, Cherry registered to a part-time MBA-related Information Session & Ambassadors Sharing seminar, where she heard the MBA journey and first-hand experience from alumni, and found herself deeply engaged by Prof. Stephen Shih’s (Associate Dean of HKUST MBA Programs) compelling speech. After attending this seminar, this greatly left an impactful impression on Cherry, leading her to reflect on the idea of being able to balance both her full-time job with pursuing an MBA.  


In continuation of her extensive research of HKUST MBA programs and from her attending the seminar, the “passion and expertise demonstrated by the faculty and the warm and supportive atmosphere of the event convinced me that HKUST was the right choice. I decided to take a leap and apply to the HKUST Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode) program.” 


“What truly sets HKUST apart is the sense of a close-knit community and camaraderie among classmates. I value the opportunity to build strong bonds and collaborate with diverse individuals who share a common passion for personal and professional growth. Choosing the Part-time MBA (Weekly Mode) program at HKUST felt like the natural choice for me.” 


“While it's challenging to single out one course or professor that directly correlates to my current role, I believe the lessons learned at HKUST MBA are shaping my career trajectory in profound ways.”  

Cherry highlights several professors and courses that have significantly benefited her current role. One standout is Professor Laurence (Larry) Franklin, known for his extensive experience and unique teaching approach. Cherry participated in a workshop conducted by Prof. Franklin on a case study analysis involving a foreign company's expansion into Mainland China. “His insights were not only inspiring but also offered a deep dive into the strategic considerations essential for long-term success in international markets. He taught us to consider a multitude of factors for successful market entry, emphasizing practical business strategies over strict legalities for lasting cooperation.” 

Another impactful professor for Cherry was Professor Stephen Nason, who taught the Management of Organizations course. This course delved into the intricacies of professional conduct and decision-making across different organizational levels. “It served to sharpen my mindset, ensuring that I continually strive to present the best version of myself within my company. “His dynamic teaching methods, including case studies, online simulations, and interactive content, truly engaged us.”  

Professor Jeevan Jaisingh provided Cherry with a compelling learning experience through his Information and Technology Management course. “Tailored even for those without a tech background, he covered the A to Z of IT in business - from IT necessity evaluation and solution selection to vendor management and cybersecurity. The principles he taught extend beyond IT, fostering a universal logic in tackling various business challenges. His background in consultancy was evident, as he adeptly guided us to adopt a strategic mindset.” 

Cherry shared that “these professors and their courses have been instrumental in broadening my perspective and equipping me with a versatile skill set that will undoubtedly contribute to my long-term career development.” 

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