Pulse_CV Tips

Keep It Relevant 

Making an effort to tailor your CV to the specific requirements of the school is essential and would set you apart from other applicants. Reflect on your career journey, envision your professional goal, and focus on highlighting experiences and skills that directly align with your motivation of applying to an MBA program.  

Start shaping your professional story with a CV summary or objective that is a succinct yet impactful blurb about yourself, customized according to each application. Include education and work experiences that are relevant to your professional growth.  

Show Your Impact 

Simply prioritizing relevant experience without depicting your achievements is like a recipe without listing the key ingredients. Incorporating quantifiable achievements and outcomes into your CV can significantly enhance its effectiveness by giving it more depth and capturing the essence of your capabilities. 

Utilize metrics, percentages, and concrete examples to illustrate the value you have brought to previous roles or projects. Convey confidence and engage the admission committees by using assertive action verbs, such as “led”, “originated”, “spearheaded” and “promoted”. By showcasing your impact, you not only substantiate your claims but also demonstrate your ability to drive results and contribute meaningfully – which are qualities that top schools always look for in a candidate. 

Highlight Noteworthy Experiences 

Apart from your education and professional backgrounds, build a comprehensive profile of yourself by including noteworthy experiences or skills that are relevant. If you have received awards, volunteered for an impactful project, or mastered great skills or professional software, prominently feature them in your CV to underscore your achievements and recognitions. 

Last but definitely not least, your CV stands as a testament to your professionalism. Ensuring that even the smallest oversights in formatting, spelling, and letter cases are avoided is crucial to making a strong first impression. 

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Resources:  HKUST MBA - 1-page CV Sample.pdf

Remarks: A good CV should be highly customized according to your professional experience and this sample serves as a reference only.