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Thomas Decamps, Full-time MBA Alumnus (Class of 2022)

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Meet Thomas Decamps, a French graduate from the HKUST MBA (Full-time MBA, Class of 2022), who embarked on an inspiring journey of transformation in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Recently, he was honored at the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Talent Engage Office, highlighting the profound impact of our MBA program in attracting global talents seeking to make their mark in Hong Kong and achieve remarkable professional success.

Hailing from various cities in France, Thomas began his professional career as an external auditor at Deloitte. Driven by his desire for an international and diverse environment, he made the move to London and built a successful career at CK Hutchison's headquarters. It was during this time, as he helped his Hong Kong colleagues adapt to life in London, that Thomas developed a deep fascination for the dynamic Asian city. Eager to embrace new challenges and expand his horizons, he found the perfect ally in the HKUST MBA program, which equipped him for his ambitious transition to the Asia Pacific region. Today, Thomas thrives in his role at Schneider Electric, making significant contributions to corporate strategy and sustainability following his graduation from the MBA program.

HKUST Full-time MBA Alumnus Thomas Decamps (Class of 2022) (Middle) shares his insights at the Hong Kong Talent Engage Opening Ceremony.

On October 30, 2023, Thomas was invited to speak as one of the arriving talents at the opening ceremony of the Hong Kong Talent Engage Office, a one-stop platform for talent engagement and admission facilitation for incoming talents. As Thomas recalled making the decision to relocate, “Years after working in London, when I wanted to think about my next step, my new challenge, Hong Kong became an obvious choice because I wanted to discover Asia. I joined the HKUST MBA program with an aim to learn more about digital transformation.”

During his time as an MBA student at HKUST, Thomas leveraged every opportunity in front of him to supercharge his professional capabilities and network over 16 months in the full-time program – from running student clubs, polishing his presentation skills with case competitions, going on an exchange in New York, to actively participating in career development activities. With great interest in technologies and ambition to join a technology company after graduation, Thomas also strategically enrolled in relevant courses such as “Information and Technology Management,” “Deep Learning Business Applications with Python,” and “Transforming Business with AI” to gear himself up with technology acumen.

When the panel host asked what attracted him to explore and stay in Hong Kong, Thomas rhapsodized his experience so far, “First, proximity to nature. I find it amazing that we are here in a global city, and within 20 minutes, you can go hiking, go to the beach, and that's something I've never seen anywhere else. The second thing is that we’re in an Asian city. Everyone is speaking English, and as a foreigner, it feels super safe and welcoming. It is easy to integrate and socialize with people as we share to exchange to learn more. And again, this duality between English and local culture is amazing, as a foreigner, as a Westerner.”

Thriving as a persistent high achiever who seamlessly adapted to life in this vibrant city, Thomas embodies his genuine advice to overseas talents contemplating a move to a new location. Reflecting on his own journey, he shares, "Hong Kong is an incredible place brimming with opportunities, but it also presents fierce competition. It's crucial to prepare diligently, understand the skills and profiles that local companies seek, and leverage your own abilities and connections to find your fit. Persistence is key when establishing yourself as a foreigner in a new country. You may need to go the extra mile because people may not be familiar with you. Stay resilient, keep engaging with others, seek understanding, and persevere until you achieve your goals."

Thomas' story is just one of the many remarkable narratives that emerge from our MBA community at HKUST. We invite aspiring individuals, like you, to join our vibrant and supportive community, where you'll find the resources, guidance, and network to embark on your own transformative journey. Come and be a part of the HKUST MBA community, where dreams become reality.

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