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The global supply chain, the lifeblood of modern business, faces constant disruption from technological advancements and a growing focus on environmental responsibility. Through a forward-thinking curriculum with a focus on responsible leadership, the HKUST MBA program cultivates versatile leaders equipped for the challenges and opportunities of this complex ecosystem, preparing them to navigate the landscape for good.

Our strategic connection with BASF, a leading global chemical company, arises from a shared vision of the business leaders of tomorrow – ones equipped with both a rock-solid foundation in business fundamentals and the agility to navigate a constantly evolving landscape. Recognizing this need, BASF considers variety of factors including but not limit to engagement, human capital return, and digitalization within their talent strategies. They focus on innovative ways to keep talent engaged, coupling with their commitment to long-term strategic investment and active investment in building a robust digital infrastructure to ensure their long-term competitiveness.

Sharpening Talent from Strong Foundations

A major component in strengthening BASF's talent pipeline is bridging with universities for early-career talent. Committed to recruiting a diverse profile of high-calibre business talents worldwide, the HKUST MBA program holds a rigorous admissions process. This process forms a strong talent pool and develops future business leaders for global enterprises.

Chi Hong Hon,
Head of Human Resources,
Hong Kong, BASF
“HKUST MBA graduates come with excellent academic backgrounds and professional experience,” said Chi Hong Hon, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong. “The program's focus on experiential learning and leadership development translates into diverse skillsets we see in their graduates, like finance, marketing strategy, consulting, and technology. All these add value to our organization.” He continued, “The high level of confidence, perspectives brought to the table, and excellent communication skills they demonstrate in tackling difficult challenges are very important in the multinational and fast-paced BASF context.”

A Tailored Talent Pipeline for BASF

Bringing in the right talent to drive business success requires an in-depth knowledge of industry nature, market dynamics, and a deep understanding of talent. BASF partner with our Career and Professional Development (CPD) Team to streamline their talent acquisition process through talent matching and various career events.

“Every time I have a role to fill, the CPD Team is one of the first connections I reach out to,” said Dennis Espinas, Vice President, Global Supply Chain & Business Solutions Dispersions, Resins & Additives. “They do a fantastic job of listening and understanding our needs to match us with the right talent. Impressively, their continued connection and engagement with MBA graduates at BASF exemplify the team’s profound care and unwavering dedication to the success and development of their students.” He added, “I am keen to find ways to take this connection further. Perhaps expanding our discussions to include roles across our broader Asia-Pacific footprint would be a good next step”. 


Dennis Espinas,
Vice President, Global Supply Chain &
Business Solutions Dispersions, 
Resins & Additives, BASF

The BASF Culture of Support, Growth, and Diverse Horizons

Though rooted in Germany, BASF also has an established presence in over 90 countries across the globe.  BASF not only creates chemistry for a sustainable future, but their large scale of business and expansive global footprint provides a tremendous amount of development opportunities. This keeps their talent excited and engaged throughout their long tenure.

“At BASF, people aren't limited to a particular track,” said Dennis. “We have a culture that encourages both lateral movement to diversify experience as well as vertical progression for those interested in pursuing a leadership path. Opportunities are very transparent, and you will be in the driver's seat of your own career development. The sky is the limit for talents with the motivation to make an impact, the propensity to achieve and the hunger to grow & develop.”

BASF also greatly invests in the lifelong learning of its talent. For BASF in Hong Kong, they offer an employee assistance program to provide some financial assistance to successful applicants in pursuing external professional qualifications, mentorship and networking opportunities, and abundant learning and training resources. Other BASF entities at overseas also have different programs to suit for the need.

Helen Wang, 
Director, Supply Chain Management, 
Intermediates Asia Pacific, BASF
“The market today is very competitive,” added Helen Wang, Director, Supply Chain Management, Intermediates Asia Pacific. “The 'X-shaped' talent with both business and digitalization mindsets is crucial in helping us fulfill our increasingly agile business needs.”
Building a Successful BASF Career

We invited Dennis and Helen to share the crucial factors they look for in talent for building a successful and ever-growing career at BASF, particularly within the supply chain arena they lead. Analytical and critical thinking skills to draw insights and conclusions from comprehensive sources are their top priorities. They also emphasized the importance of digital agility in adopting and leveraging tools that improve the work process. Beyond these competencies, the ability to build relationships, influence others, and manage counterparts and teams will take one's career further and higher.

Aligning strength in a world driven by sustainability, innovation and digitalization, we partner with forward-thinking industry leaders like BASF in developing leaders in Asia for the world. We build a diverse community of future business leaders with adaptive skills, confidence in navigating through challenges, and collaborative spirit that enable to contribute from day 1. Join us in shaping the business landscape of tomorrow.


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