Academic Background

Kenrick Li, Digital MBA, Intake 2023

Study Mode
DiMBA (Online)
Student Nationality

Kenrick Li (DiMBA Intake 2023) from Vancouver, BC, Canada. He currently works as a Regional Manager in the Luxury Automobile Industry, dealing with captive finance and lending, after-sales product planning and sales training.  

Emphasis on Personal Growth and Leadership Development 

Kenrick did not view the MBA primarily as a means to advance his corporate ladder climb. Rather, he felt he had reached a point in his corporate career where he should seek an "unparalleled opportunity" through the MBA program. 

Specifically, Kenrick was looking to immerse himself in a community that could provide him with valuable insights and skills essential for becoming a global leader. The MBA represented a chance for him to gain new perspectives and capabilities beyond just the technical foundations of business, benefiting him professionally and personally. 

The HKUST Digital MBA Program 

Kenrick was particularly drawn to the HKUST Digital MBA's reputation for excellence in teaching, with a world-class faculty comprised of over 150 academics with extensive research and industry expertise. 

Beyond the program's academic rigor and world-class faculty, Kenrick was impressed by the university's adoption of a blended learning model. This approach allowed students to experience both virtual core classes as well as face-to-face electives. The blended format provides the flexibility of online learning for the core curriculum, while still offering valuable in-person interaction and discussion-based learning in the elective courses. This combination can give students the best of both worlds. 

Other Contributing Factors to Choosing the Right Program

Aside from the program's unique blended learning design, another key factor that drew Kenrick to the HKUST Digital MBA was the school's active international alumni network and diverse class cohort of over 20 nationalities across the last three intakes. This array of perspectives and insights will enhance the peer-to-peer learning experience, fostering insightful discussions into different business domains. 

As the program enters the summer term, Kenrick looks forward to creating and fostering long-lasting relationships. He adds, "The hard and soft skills I gain will enable me to be more effective in business and my personal relationships as well." Kenrick is also eager to fully immerse himself in all that the HKUST Digital MBA program has to offer.