The Future of Education

The Future of Education
The Future of Education

The Future of Education

Today, there is no reason for an online degree to be less interactive than a traditional course. The DiMBA harnesses technology to help you study efficiently in a cutting-edge digital environment.

Asia's First Virtual Classroom
HKUST designed Asia’s first Virtual Classroom especially for the DiMBA - guaranteeing an MBA experience as comprehensive and immersive as that enjoyed by on-campus students.
A 360-Degree Perspective

The Virtual Classroom is much more than a video or screen-share. Within its walls you can switch between camera angles for a 360-degree panorama. Keep track of your fellow learners and professors!

Everyone Participates

Make yourself heard! During virtual lectures, interactive learning technology will let you share your views via live polls, multiple choice exercises and quizzes.

Excel in the Digital Workspace

An online MBA provides a grounding in the increasingly digitalized business world. Hone your digital leadership and teamwork skills by communicating through direct chat, or form a breakout room to drill into the detail.

Do you know?

MBA courses that are more driven by case studies and discussions will be delivered in a 100% virtual class format for a fully interactive experience.

⯇Our brand-new virtual classroom allows professors to interact with students in a setting similar to a physical classroom.

Dedicated E-Learning Platform

For lecture-based courses like quantitative or technological skills, you will learn in blended mode. Fit recorded lectures into your timetable for self-paced study (50%) and attend virtual classes live with your classmates (50%).   

Better Use of Your Time

You will not be limited by place, nor by the clock. Access course content whenever you need it. The DiMBA is designed to help you make the most of your time—providing flexible scheduling for busy professionals.

Control Your Learning Pace

Work through modules at the right pace. There’s no need to keep in lockstep with other students—on our e-learning platform, you can progress faster than others, or slow down to take your time.

Interactive Classes

In the DiMBA, traditional “one-way” lectures are replaced by short online videos. Live sessions in the Virtual Classroom can thus be fully dedicated to presentations, discussions and idea exchange. This collaborative environment will help you benefit from the experience of your co-learners, who will be accomplished business leaders.

digital learning 1

Each course is broken down into multiple sessions for you to go through topic by topic at your own pace whenever you are free.

digital learning 2

Watch short videos prepared by our faculty to pick up new concepts and rewatch them anytime if you are unfamiliar with the topic.

digital learning 3

Go through interactive learning exercises to test how much you have learnt and view the submissions of your classmates to learn what others think.

digital learning 4

After going through the online pre-class materials at your own pace, you will join live class sessions with your professor and classmates for further discussions or presentations.