Over the years, we have received many valuable referrals from our global HKUST alumni for candidates to join the HKUST MBA programs. The support from our alumni has made the community stronger and better.

Candidates referred by our MBA or EMBA alumni often have an in-depth understanding of HKUST and our programs through their engagement with our alumni. They usually prove to be a great fit for our programs and are keen to join the HKUST MBA family.

Benefits of the Scheme

Eligible candidates will be entitled to:

  • an application fee waiver (HK$1,000)
  • a guaranteed admissions interview
  • a tuition fee allowance of HKD30,000 will be deducted from the second installment of tuition fee
Eligibility for the Scheme

Eligible candidates must be:

  • referred by an HKUST MBA or EMBA alumnus or
  • a graduate of any HKUST degree program (excluding short-term courses)
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Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
HKUST MBA/EMBA Alumnus/Alumni Identifies Talents and Act as a Reference

All HKUST MBA and EMBA alumni are encouraged to recommend talents to join the HKUST MBA program by serving as a reference. To be a reference, you must submit an online reference form as part of the recommended candidate’s application. (See Step 3 for details.)

Each MBA or EMBA alumnus/alumna may recommend up to five candidates in each academic year.

Candidate Nominates an HKUST MBA/EMBA Alumnus/Alumna as a Reference in the Online Application

The recommended candidate must nominate an HKUST MBA or EMBA alumnus/alumna as his/her reference and input the reference’s contact information and official name in the reference section of the online application. Upon receipt of the alumnus’s/alumna’s contact information, an online reference form will be sent automatically to the email address provided.

*A change of references is not allowed once the reference form has been sent to the reference(s).


Alumnus/Alumna Reference Completes the Online Reference Form

Upon receipt of the online reference form (see sample form), the alumnus/alumna reference should provide his/her

  1. program name (MBA or EMBA)
  2. year of graduation
  3. student ID number

in the reference form for verification of alumnus/alumna status.

Candidate Selects “HKUST Alumni Referral Waiver” Before Submitting the Application

It is important that the candidate nominate his/her reference as one of our HKUST MBA or EMBA alumni before clicking the “Send Reference Form” button in the online application. No subsequent changes can be made once the reference form request has been sent.

The candidate must select “Alumni Referral” as the payment method for the application fee in the online application before submitting it; otherwise, the candidate will be asked to settle the application fee by online payment. Once a payment has been made, no subsequent changes are allowed. The application fee waiver request will be reviewed and approved by our Admissions Team once they have verified the alumnus/alumna reference’s identity.


Candidates who are HKUST alumni will automatically be eligible for the Scheme. They must indicate HKUST as their undergraduate or postgraduate university on the online application. Before submitting the application, the candidate must select “Returning Alumni” as the payment method for the application fee on the online application. The application fee waiver request will be reviewed and approved by our Admissions Team once they have verified the identity of the alumnus.

The HKUST MBA Community Succession Scheme is mutually exclusive (except Terry Tsang MBA Admissions Scholarship) with the Company Nomination Scheme (CNS) and other scholarships or professional awards offered by HKUST. Candidates can only claim a fee waiver, reduction or allowance through one of these schemes.

For enquiries about the Scheme, please contact us at