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Nitesh Putramadhi, Full-time MBA Intake 2022

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What drives high achievers to embark on transformative journeys of growth and opportunity? Whether it's relocating, switching industries, or embracing new job functions, they fearlessly embrace change. But how do they bridge crucial skill and network gaps? The answer lies in the HKUST Full-time MBA program. It's a rigorous yet rewarding venture that empowers ambitious individuals to unlock their hidden potential, broaden their horizons, and turn their professional aspirations into reality. 

Join us as we follow Nitesh Putramadhi, a Full-time MBA Intake 2022 student, on his quest for a career triple jump. Discover how his first year in the program has nurtured his growth and enabled him to flourish. 

Nitesh was greatly impressed by the academic experience at HKUST, where he had the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty alongside a diverse and talented cohort.  

Fueling his ambition to become a consultant, Nitesh eagerly delved into a myriad of courses*, building a solid business foundation across multiple disciplines. Nitesh found topics in finance and technology particularly intriguing, commending the valuable takeaways he gained from courses like "Venture Capitalist and Private Equity" and "Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Their Business Applications." 

Nitesh reflects, “Today when I look at myself in the mirror, I see a highly organized and strategic professional who knows what exactly he wants to do in his career, and I have to contribute that to my HKUST MBA here. I see a massive change (in myself).” 

For an in-depth look into Nitesh's remarkable journey through the HKUST MBA program, watch the full video: 

* The MBA course offerings vary year by year.