⬡ You will receive the same degree certificate as our full-time and part-time (face-to-face) students. We make sure the quality of your MBA is the same as everyone else. 


The DiMBA Program

⬡ Enroll in a MBA program with a wide range of pioneering business technology courses that prepare you for tomorrow's business. 

All-rounded Digital Leaders

Curriculum is designed for professionals to become all-rounded digital leaders through mastering a broad range of managerial and quantitative skills

45 Credits

Earn about one-third of your total credits by studying the required core courses, and the remaining through MBA Accelerators, flexible cores, electives, Professional Empowerment series, and Global Immersion Program. 

*The exact number of courses taken may differ from student to student since flexible cores and electives of different credit load may be available.

Your DiMBA Journey

⬡ Enjoy world-class MBA studies while developing your network and global exposure in the DiMBA program.


HKUST Campus Week

Spend the very first week of your DiMBA program on campus and meet your professors and fellow classmates
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MBA Cores

Study at your own pace online during the week and join live virtual classes on Saturday mornings for discussions and presentations
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Flexible Cores

Tailor your MBA curriculum based on your interests through flexible cores conducted on weekends or weekday evenings
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Select from a pool of virtual or F2F electives and learn with other students from our MBA community
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Professional Empowerment Series

Equip yourself with tomorrow's most essential skill set with our credit-bearing professional training program designed for managers
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Global Immersion Program

Travel outside Hong Kong with your classmates for a study tour, management talks, and networking opportunities
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Online Course Sharing

Enroll in courses from our DiMBA business school partners without quitting your job to travel physically abroad
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HKUST Campus Week

⬡ Welcome to HKUST—In the very first week of the DiMBA program, you will come to our Clear Water Bay campus in Hong Kong and receive an official introduction to our program, faculty and your fellow classmates in a variety of learning, professional development and networking activities.  

MBA Accelerators

Short credit-bearing course in Accounting, Data Analysis and Python Programming to prepare for your upcoming MBA studies

Professional Empowerment Series

Managerial communication workshop to sharpen your leadership, team work and presentation skills

Experiential Leadership Program

Put your leadership skill to the test and overcome a series of team-based challenges with your DiMBA classmates

MBA Networking Events

Develop personal connections with your professors, classmates, alumni and students from other MBA study modes

*The Campus Week may need to be moved online or rescheduled as appropriate should circumstances require us to do so, such as restrictions on face-to-face interaction or travelling due to the pandemic or other unforeseeable difficulties beyond our control. 

MBA Cores

⬡ Build your business foundation—Our MBA Core Courses are carefully designed to cover various aspects of general management and to build your professional knowledge base. You will be introduced to the foundation techniques required to excel as a future business leader.

Strategic Management

Managerial Microeconomics

Corporate Finance

Financial Accounting

Operations Management

IT Management

Marketing Strategy & Policy

Flexible Cores

⬡ Strengthen Your Specialization—With our Flexible Cores, you can customize your MBA curriculum based on your background and interests towards your envisaged career.

Managerial Accounting Foundations

Management of Organizations

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Their Business Applications 

Global Macroeconomics

Data Analysis

Deep Learning Business Applications with Python 

... and more

Courses offered may vary each year due to market trends and professional expertise that the school engages with.


⬡ Personalize Your Study Plan—Select from  a pool of electives to craft a unique MBA experience. These electives cover many aspects of various businesses, allowing you to refine your expertise so it is relevant to your career path.

Professional Empowerment Series

⬡ Upgrade Your Professional Skills—With our credit-bearing Professional Empowerment program, you will sharpen essential skills to succeed as a business leader and acquire latest industry insights to stay ahead of the competition. 

Digital Leadership & Teamwork

Virtual Presentation Skill

ESG and Sustainability Workshops 

Resume Review

Professional Workshops (Financial Modelling, Project Management, Virtual Networking, etc.)

Industry Seminars

Executive Sharing

Training offered may vary each year due to market trends and professional expertise that the school engages with.

Global Immersion Program

⬡ A unique conclusion to your MBA—Near the end of your DiMBA journey, you will travel outside Hong Kong to take classes, network with executives and celebrate your MBA graduation together with your classmates in-person before the Christmas holidays.  

Credit-bearing Study Tour*

Company Visits

Local Experience

Networking Events

*Expenses on flights, transportation, meals, accommodation, insurance, etc. are not included in the tuition fee and will be borne separately by each student. Should there be travel restrictions due to the pandemic or other circumstances beyond our control, the Global Immersion Program may need to be cancelled and another appropriate and feasible option will be offered instead. 

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