1st Tech/Green MBA in Asia

⬡ Embrace an indispensable business skillset, and get equipped to lead in the new business era.

Indispensable Skillset for the New Business Era 

Technological breakthroughs in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, and Fintech are reshaping the way we do business. And increasingly, businesses are being measured by sustainability criteria. HKUST MBA will provide you with the powerful interdisciplinary skillset you need to be a leader in the new business era.

HKUST MBA will not only give you a solid business foundation in key areas such as Accounting, Finance and Statistics, but also a powerful grasp of the latest business technology. Equally importantly, it will provide a clear vision of sustainable and ethical business leadership and how to achieve it.


Business Meets Technology

HKUST MBA Program offers a wide range of pioneering business technology courses which will give you the know-how to integrate technology with business.

All our technology courses cater to students from diverse backgrounds.During orientation, you will be offered an Introduction to Python Programming accelerator course. Python programming is a highly marketable skill, increasingly sought after by companies looking to make data-driven business decisions. 

You will gain a fundamental understanding of this programming language and learn how it can be applied to diverse business scenarios.

Sustainable Leadership

Responsible leaders work together to shape a sustainable future. Through courses such as ESG, Green Finance and Business Ethics, you will widen your perspectives on sustainability and learn how businesses can operate in a more sustainable manner. 

You will also get to take part in a range of immersive workshops and practical projects on how to put sustainability ideals into practice.

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